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Embroidery Training Ltd provide software, machinery and training to commercial embroiderers. Whether you're a small startup business or large established embroidery company we can help. We work with a diverse range of clients that utilise embroidery, such as high street fashion brands, premium car manufacturers and universities. From the design (digitising) stage through to embroidery production, we offer the best tools and training to get the highest quality results.
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Embroidery Training Ltd was launched in 2009 by Paul MacNamee, who has worked exclusively in the embroidery trade for over 25 years. Paul has been a full time digitiser, managed an embroidery production department, worked on embroidery software development and spent 10 years as training and technical support manager for the UKs official HAPPY distributor. Through working with many embroidery companies from different aspects of the trade, Paul has gained a broad wealth of knowledge that can save you the steep learning curve.
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Single head machine being delivered
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HAPPY multihead machine install