Net Digitizing UK

Embroidery digitising services UK

The hassle-free way to turn designs into stitch perfect reality:

Step 1
Upload the image you want digitized
Step 2
Get back a version optimised for embroidering
Digitise from image to embroidery
25+ years of embroidery experience + over 200,000 designs digitized…

With Netdigitizing you get skilled digitizers not automated scanning software.

And that’s important. Finished designs are higher quality and designed for real-world application. It means avoiding the hidden costs of a sub-standard design. From costly thread breaks during production to time wasted on testing and revising a design. Get it right first time.
Need fast turnaround?

Online service is always available – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For caps and left-breast designs 24-hour turnaround comes as standard. Same-day express service returns your design in just a few hours and adds from just £5+vat. For jacket backs standard service is 3 days. 24-hour express service adds from just £7+vat.
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